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With Fanpage Karma, you’ll always know what people are talking about now and which social trends are worth a post. Targeted content analysis give you detailed insight into the performance of individual content and show you which content generates the most interactions.
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Multiple search functions help you find current trends and topics in just a few minutes. With a variety of filters, you can narrow your search by region and language to identify content that matches your criteria.
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Discover social media trends with Fanpage Karma
Which social networks can I search with Fanpage Karma to find trending topics?
You can currently use Fanpage Karma to find topics and trends for Instagram and Facebook.
How can I find social media trending topics with Fanpage Karma?
There are different areas to search for topics. You can find recent content in the "Posts" section of Discovery or leading posts from selected profiles in the "Analyses" section of Analytics.
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This guide shows you how to use Fanpage Karma to quickly learn what people are talking about now and which social media trends are worth a post.
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