Strategic decisions using social media benchmarking

Analyze your social media profiles and learn how you perform against others in your industry.
Social media benchmarking with Fanpage Karma

See it all at a glance

With the social media competitor analysis, you add your profiles and those of your competitors to a dashboard and keep track of relevant metrics on all channels. Using comparison periods, you can easily identify trends and develop recommendations for action.
Relevant metrics in one table
Benchmarks with unlimited number of competitors
Comparison periods for trend identification
Global averages for performance assessment
Manage social media profiles and keep an eye on relevant metrics with Fanpage Karma

Easily identify recommended actions

To engage your target group, you need to know both their specific preferences and global trends. Social media measurement with Fanpage Karma provides you with relevant analyses and data, letting you create the greatest interactions with your followers.
Content analysis of your own and third-party posts
Daytime analysis
Content analysis by keywords
Analysis of current trends and topics
Improve content performance with Fanpage Karma

Always up to date

Fanpage Karma shows you the current status every minute. And the Fanpage Karma email alerts ensure that you are always up to date. Start each day informed and inspired with ready-made or customed reports.
Live boards for market monitoring
Morning Report with yesterday's important updates
Customized reports delivered regularly via email
Shitstorm alert in case of intense activity
Instant alert when your competitor posts something
Live analysis and real-time data with Fanpage Karma

Deep insights thanks to unlimited analyses

Use a wide variety of analysis options to learn more about the performance of your profiles and precisely rank yourself in industry comparison. Historical data helps you better understand trends of individual profiles and compare key figures. This gives you a comprehensive picture of your industry and helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses.
Historical data
Multidimensional analysis
Unlimited number of profiles can be analyzed
Current user mood
Unlimited analyses with Fanpage Karma
Which social networks can I analyze with Fanpage Karma?
With Fanpage Karma you can add profiles from the most important networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube
How many profiles can I analyze?
Even the trial version lets you add and analyze an unlimited number of profiles to help you with social media benchmarking.
Can I measure the performance of individual content in addition to my profiles?
Yes, with Fanpage Karma you get valuable insights into how your posts and those of your competition are performing. Specific metrics show you the strongest content in the industry and how you should build your content to engage your audience.
Your benefits
Fanpage Karma makes it easy to measure and compare your performance
Unlimited number of profiles
Real-time data
Wide range of metrics
Variety of analyses
Seamless collaboration
The complete solution
for exceptional social media management
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How-to guide
Your guide for social media benchmarking
Our social media benchmarking guide will show you how to measure the performance of your profiles and how you compare to your social media competitors. Learn how to use Fanpage Karma to determine your industry benchmarks and keep track of relevant data in real time.
Guide for social media benchmarking from Fanpage Karma
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