Straightforward social media reporting

With Fanpage Karma, you can create customized reports and share your results with clients and colleagues.
Social media reporting with Fanpage Karma

Create custom reports in your own design

The social media reporting tool lets you create your reports in your own design using a variety of editing options to make your analyses as informative as possible. Coordinate the background to go with your industry or company and modify the chart design to your liking. Give your report the finishing touch by adding your own colors and logo.
14 graphics available to customize chartboards
Choose any size, design and content of graphics
Create reports with your own logo and colors
Custom background images and tool colors
Reports made easy with Fanpage Karma

Reports in your choice of format

Export reports in your choice of format. Whether as a shared snapshots or to download in PowerPoint, Excel or PDF format. Have the reports sent to you regularly by email.
Password protected snapshots of reports
Export to PowerPoint, Excel, PDF or CSV
Automated delivery weekly or monthly
Export reports in the format of your choice with Fanpage Karma

Dynamic reporting for customers and colleagues

Let others collaborate on your social media reporting. With the social media analytics dashboard, you can share your analyses both inside and outside of Fanpage Karma and keep colleagues and customers updated with public dashboards.
Create and edit analyzes together
Share social media dashboards with externals
Real-time data
Manage, view and share Reports with Fanpage Karma
Can I share my reports with external users?
The Public Dashboard allows you to share a dashboard with third parties (who are not included in your Fanpage Karma account). It lets them see the dashboard without the ability to change it. Like a dynamic report that is prepared once and permanently updated for them.
Into which formats can I export my reports?
With Fanpage Karma you can export your reports to Excel, PowerPoint and CSV.
Can I analyze Facebook and Instagram stories with Fanpage Karma?
Once your own profiles are added to Fanpage Karma, you can analyze Instagram stories in the "Stories" section for these profiles with access rights. Unfortunately, Facebook Stories are not available through Facebook's official data sources.
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Fanpage Karma creates a smooth process for analyzing and presenting your results
User-defined reporting
Wide range of metrics
Various chart types
Automatic reports
Custom design
The complete solution
for exceptional social media management
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How-to guide
Your guide for social media reporting
This guide shows you how to quickly retrieve, visually prepare and export data. Learn how to create reports as well as report templates and automate the reporting process with Fanpage Karma.
Guide for social media reporting from Fanpage Karma
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