Your social media content planning tool

Create, plan and publish your content in one spot and keep track of all of your social media channels.
Social media content planning with Fanpage Karma

The social media content plan for all channels

Use the social media planning tool to schedule your posts effortlessly in one calendar. The content plan lets you keep track of all planned and published posts in all of your networks. So you can be confident of an efficient campaign and agile content plan. The social media scheduling platform makes it easy to:
Schedule posts for all networks
Multipost on different networks
Post natively to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and LinkedIn
Plan stories and publish automatically
Social media content plan for all channels from Fanpage Karma

Seamless team collaboration

Clear feedback processes and streamlined workflows simplify your entire social media content planning. Integrated “To-Do” management allows you to ask managers or clients for feedback and approval free of charge. With new organizational features, you provide and receive feedback for your social media posts with ease.
Transparent approval processes and responsibilities
Team feedback chat enabled at both the post and campaign level
Create & delegate tasks for post creation
Collect post ideas and evaluate them together
Add customers or managers as free guest users for approvals and feedback
Seamless team collaboration with Fanpage Karma

Clear and centralized content planning

Access different views to keep track of your content planning on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Color-coded highlights in the publishing tool let you quickly see whether a post is scheduled, waiting for approval, or has already been published. Use the list view to filter posts according to status and quickly see what needs to be done.
Monthly, weekly and daily view of content calendar
Media library for images, videos and gifs
List view of all posts according to status
Clear and centralized content planning with Fanpage Karma

AI-supported image and text creation

Optimize your content workflow with our AI-powered features. Easily create customized images and captions for your posts that perfectly match your brand and message.
Intelligent image generation for customized images
Automated creation of post captions
Online image editing
AI-supported creation of images and text with Fanpage Karma
Which social networks can I post to with Fanpage Karma?
Using your own profile with valid access permissions, you can schedule posts for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and TikTok automatically. To publish to other networks and formats, you can simply use our app and publish manually.
Can I share the content calendar with external users?
Of course! A password-protected link lets you share your content calendar with as many people as you like! They can then view and comment on any post. This gives you quick feedback on your content planning.
Can I schedule Instagram stories with Fanpage Karma?
Yes, it is easy to schedule stories in the content calendar and to publish them automatically.
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The Fanpage Karma social media scheduling tool makes planning and publishing posts a breeze
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Seamless collaboration
Easy post authoring
Simple workflows
The complete solution
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How-to guide
Your guide for social media content planning
In this guide, you'll learn how to create posts with Fanpage Karma, schedule them in the content calendar, and have them approved by your team.
Your guide for social media content planning from Fanpage Karma
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