Reach goals with a successful social media strategy

Analyze your social media profiles, set specific goals and always keep track of your activities with Fanpage Karma.
Successful social media strategy with Fanpage Karma

Easily identify strategies

Fanpage Karma gives you an overview of your social media profiles. Identify strengths and weaknesses and define concrete recommendations for action. Optimize your content output and screen the content that resonates best with your target group.
Detailed content analysis from your own posts and competitors
Best times of day to post
Analyses of current trending topics
Multidimensional evaluations
Develop social media strategy with Fanpage Karma

Data-driven targeting

Set realistic goals for your profiles and track them in real-time with customized reports. Stay up-to-date at all times with automatic reports sent to you daily, weekly or monthly.
Define your own goals
Automated reports
Ready-made charts and custom reports
Data-driven targeting with Fanpage Karma

Successfully implement strategies

Use integrated tools for publishing your posts and interacting with followers to increase reach and interaction. There are many workflows and automation to help you put your social media marketing strategy into practice.
Integrated content calendar and automated posting
Efficient community management
Vast database for inspiration
Successfully implement strategies with Fanpage Karma
Which KPIs can be analyzed with Fanpage Karma?
Fanpage Karma gives you a wide range of important metrics from all relevant networks that let you evaluate your profiles and those of your competitors. You can find all available KPIs with definitions and explanations here.
Can I use Fanpage Karma to increase my reach and clicks?
Of course! Take a look at our videos now!
How can I perform a qualitative analysis of my posts in order to improve their content?
You can do this in the "Tagging" section of Analytics. See our tutorials on this topic.
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Expand your social media reach and clicks with Fanpage Karma
Real-time data
Wide range of metrics
Variety of analyses
Seamless collaboration
The complete solution
for exceptional social media management
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How-to guide
The guide for your social media strategy
This guide shows you which features of Fanpage Karma you can use to evaluate both your own posts and the profiles of your competitors. This information will help you improve your content and capture the attention of your target audience.
Guide for social media strategy from Fanpage Karma
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Learn how to successfully use Fanpage Karma for your social media management. Get helpful tips & examples for creating a social media strategy and using our tool in your everyday work. You will learn to:
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Schedule and automate posts
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