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Find influencers and potential cooperation partners that suit your company.
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Influencers on one platform

With Fanpage Karma, our influencer database lets you quickly and easily find compatible profiles. Profiles with the most interaction are always displayed so you can quickly find cooperation partners that best suit your brand and product.
Most interactive profiles on Facebook and Instagram
Quick recognition with influencer profiles
Relevant influencers on one platform

Comprehensive influencer search features

The search function in our influencer marketing platform gives you broad access to influencer profiles from different networks. Use our filter function to customize the search with specific criteria and quickly find relevant influencers.
Filter options by region, language and categories
Search by keywords and hashtags
Real-time results
Comprehensive influencer search with Fanpage Karma
Which social networks can I search with Fanpage Karma to find influencers?
You can use Fanpage Karma to search for influencers on the following networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest & TikTok.
How does the influencer search on Fanpage Karma work?
You can start in the "Profiles" section of Discovery. See our guidelines here.

Once you’ve found the relevant profiles, click on each profile to see the statistics.

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Influencer profiles
Real-time results
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This guide will show you how to find the right influencers for your company with Fanpage Karma.
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