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Performance Score

Do you know how well your Instagram or Facebook page ranks in comparison to your competitors? Have you ever wondered what your overall Facebook and Instagram page ranking and performance score would be in a particular category? And did you ever ask: how can I analyze my performance on Instagram or Facebook? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then take our performance test today!

Fanpage Karma’s Performance Score tool uses seven key metrics to calculate how influential an Instagram or Facebook page is compared to millions of other profiles worldwide. It shows your page’s strengths and weaknesses and gives clear recommendations on how to achieve your goals.

So, how do you check your Instagram or Facebook page feedback score? That’s easy! You can get a comprehensive Instagram or Facebook page score in just a few clicks by following the steps below. Best of all, it is free and you can check your performance on Instagram and Facebook any time you want.

What Does your Social Media Performance Report Tell You

The Instagram or Facebook Page Feedback Score provides you with actionable tips on how to improve your page, by giving you a score between 0 and 10. It is calculated as the average of seven key figures, which we will introduce below. We have created this score for Instagram and Facebook pages because we believe that these comparison and benchmarking tools can be useful for the ordinary social media user as well as the manager of accounts with millions of followers.

To provide an accurate comparison, our Instagram and Facebook page score calculator will benchmark your profile against others of similar size. This means that a profile with 100,000 followers won’t be compared to profiles that have less than 20 thousand followers. Therefore, we can make a page score for any Instagram or Facebook page and provide you with an accurate benchmark for your performance.
To achieve a Performance Score of 100%, a profile must reach the top 10% must rank in the top 10% for each metric listed below. You can understand the assessment of these metrics as a type of Instagram or Facebook Page Quality Score that reflects your performance in the following key areas:

  1. Growth: How many followers were generated?
  2. Posts: How many posts were published?
  3. Interactions: How strongly did people respond to the posts?
  4. Reach: How many people did the profile reach in total?
  5. Interaction rate: How many interactions were achieved per person that was reached?
  6. Click-through rate: How many people accessed a web page through the profile?
  7. Page views: How many times did people view the profile page?

The Primary Benefit: Helping you with Benchmarking and Goal Setting

On the most basic level, you want to obtain the highest performance score possible. The more often your metrics reflect an above-average score, the better.

So, how does this help you? An Instagram and Facebook Page Ranking Checker not only measures your current standing, but also helps you in setting and tracking your future performance goals. This way, you can measure progress over time and adjust your strategies accordingly. With a clear set of goals in place, you can better understand the effectiveness of your content, optimize your engagement strategies, and ultimately drive more traffic to your page.

The greatest potential for improvement lies in generating more comments and increasing the interaction rate. Currently, the profile receives only three comments per day, the average is six comments. To be among the best, however, twelve comments are necessary.

The Significance of Measuring Your Instagram and Facebook Page Performance

A comprehensive Instagram and Facebook page performance report allows you to analyze your Instagram and Facebook page performance across various metrics. Your Instagram or Facebook social media performance should consistently be monitored to give you the best insights about how to improve.

One crucial element provided by the page feedback score for your Instagram or Facebook profile are issues with the way that your followers are viewing your content. For instance, a lower performance score may indicate that users are hiding your posts or marking them as spam. By analyzing these metrics, you can better understand your audience's behavior, adjust your content strategy accordingly, and improve your overall Facebook page score.
After you have completed the Performance Test, you will have the opportunity to try Fanpage Karma for 14 days for free. This is a great opportunity to get even more insights across all your social media channels.