Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts – What to Know

Managing multiple social media accounts is just a fact of life for social media managers. There are challenges but also great possibilities to grow businesses and brands when there are social accounts across various channels. The core question for so many social media managers is simple: how do you successfully manage multiple social media accounts at once in the most effective and efficient way possible? This article will focus on this very question and will explain the best ways to manage multiple social media accounts, no matter if you are working for a large corporation, a social media agency, or as a freelancer.

Managing multiple social media accounts is not only about planning posts on different types of channels, but also requires a complex and integrated strategy that is efficient and scalable. In reality, one solution for social media managers is to manage their social media accounts with each channel individually. However, nobody would approach it like this since it would take hours to do even simple tasks and require investment in a massive team of social media managers, all while losing out on cross-channel insights. That is why most companies and agencies search for product solutions where you can manage all your social media accounts from one place while maintaining oversight across all channels.

Our article will cover the different types of businesses that normally have to manage multiple social media accounts, the important qualities and functions of social media tools, and also give an overview of some of the best tool options available.

Who Needs to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

While many companies need to manage multiple social media accounts, there are a variety of different challenges that arise depending on the nature of their business. Multi-platform social media management can be a real challenge depending on what they need to get out of it. Here are some of the personas of social media managers that should be taken into account:

Three people working on computers with examples of social media posts and a graph behind them

Social Media Managers at Businesses of all Sizes

Of course, there are some small businesses that just have a company LinkedIn account, or perhaps Twitter, who don’t have a need to manage all social media from one place. However, many companies have company profiles across several channels. What can make this even more complicated is that some companies have many different brands, each of which has a social profile on different platforms. 

When you are a marketing manager who is managing business social media accounts, you know that the job is much more than simply posting every so often and gaining some followers. Managing social media accounts for a business is about creating an effective strategy for the business while monitoring your progress, analyzing competitors, and engaging with your audiences. All of those tasks require the use of an integrated tool.  

Social Media Agencies

Managing social media accounts for multiple clients can be a complex task for social media agencies. Every social media agency has a wide range of profiles they manage simultaneously, and every client has different goals and specifications for their social media work. It’s not just about managing multiple social media accounts for one company, but rather multiple social media accounts for multiple (perhaps even several dozen) companies.  With each client having unique goals, different target audiences, as well as brand building guidelines, social media agencies are tasked with not only organizing but also creative obligations.

It’s clear that managing social media accounts for multiple clients requires careful organization internally and externally, open communication channels, and teamwork from those inside the agency. An effective social media management tool needs to be able to address a wide range of individualized strategies and reporting demands while also providing for constant feedback related to content copy, post scheduling, analysis of campaigns and activities of competitors, as well as community management across different channels.


Managing social media accounts for clients with a long lists of demands can be very challenging for freelancers that don’t have the resources of a large agency. Freelance social media managers and consultants not only need to perform many different tasks for their clients by themselves, but also need to provide up-to-date reporting on a regular basis. A simple project management tool simple won’t cut it. Freelancers must always think about how to manage social media accounts for multiple clients where their activities are transparent for their clients, while also providing timely updates on progress. 

To do this, freelancers must leverage a social media tool to its highest level in order to efficiency manage their client’s accounts. Publishing posts itself on its own can be a hassle with the creation of content copy, post scheduling, and reporting of results. This all requires streamlined approval workflows that help scale all the activities that freelancers are expected to perform. Apart from all this, you have to find out how to manage multiple clients’ social media accounts in the most efficient way possible in order to run a profitable business!

Finding a Tool to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

Finding out how to manage multiple social media accounts in the most efficient way possible is paramount. We commonly hear questions about how to post to multiple social networks simultaneously.So let’s start out with an example. Let’s say a social media manager is tasked with managing multiple Facebook pages that requires posts go out at different times over the course of a day, while also taking into account timezone differences. How would you post on multiple social media platforms at once when they belong to different companies? Moreover, how would you share results and progress from various Facebook campaigns? This is just a typical day in the life of social media agencies, and the solution comes in the form of a dynamic and powerful social media management tool.

We have researched this subject meticulously and have narrowed it down to 4 primarily areas that need to have the right tool to effectively management multiple social media accounts. And what is the best platform or software to manage multiple social media accounts?

The best social media management tools for multiple accounts include as features that excel in:
  • Comprehensive Collaboration Functionality for Teams 
  • Dynamic Publishing Capabilities 
  • Unlimited Profiles that can be Analyzed
  • Shareable Feedback and Approval Processes (even for those without a subscription)

Comprehensive Collaboration Features for Team

We are not just talking about having multiple user accounts, but the ability to dynamically collaborate with your co-workers. There are two important aspects relating to collaboration: community management and post creation across channels. There needs to be centralized creation feature where everyone involved in the process can see the status of posts and where they are in the approval process in real-time. Additionally, having the ability to engage effectively and efficiently with your followers is essential in this regard.

Two individuals high-fiving with images of people above them

Dynamic Publishing Capabilities

As our Facebook example above showed, multi-posting capabilities across different channels as well as the same channels but with different accounts is an absolute necessity. Dynamic publishing capabilities that are transparent, can handle different posting times for dozens of accounts, and allows for feedback. Ideally, publishing capabilities should also come with a host of features such as hashtag generators, AI assistants, and an image library.

Unlimited Analysis and Benchmarking Features

Multiple accounts mean having multiple data points, multiple competitor profiles, and multiple channels to track. A tool that allows for unlimited analysis and benchmarking is difficult to come by, and most tools restrict how many profiles you can track. However, it pays to find a tool that offers this since saving of historical data is essential since it can provide deeper insights and more meaningful datasets. 

Images of different graphs, metrics, and numbers related to social media

Shareable Feedback and Approval Processes

Being able to share post drafts to reports to dashboards, even for those without a subscription to the social media tool, is generally a requirement in today’s business world. This is all related to the internal and external feedback capabilities of a social media tool that is designed to keep all stakeholders informed about what is happening and to get feedback from a wide range of people. If your social media tool does not allow you to do this, then you might want to consider a tool that does.

Best Social Media Management Tools for Multiple Accounts

With the right social media management tools designed specifically for multiple accounts, businesses and agencies can effectively scale their operations while leveraging the expertise of their employees. Below, we will highlight four popular social media management tools that many agencies choose to manage their tasks.

Four profiles of social media tools including Fanpage Karma, Buffer, Hootsuite, and Sprinklr. There are other examples of graphs and social media posts

Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma is an all-in-one tool that performs well with all the feature requirements listed above. For businesses, social media agencies, or even freelancers, Fanpage Karma provides a comprehensive set of features that includes analytics and benchmarking, customizable reporting options, and strong publishing and collaboration features all in a user-friendly interface. The following are noteworthy features of the tool:

✅ Unlimited Profile Tracking

Fanpage Karma is a fantastic social media management tool for multiple accounts since it provides an unlimited number of trackable social media profiles as part of the analytics features. This can be especially useful for freelancers or small agencies who don’t have to pay a lot for access to the tool but can, at the same time, track an unlimited number of profiles for their clients.

A view of the Fanpage Karma content analysis tab of the tool

✅ Dynamic Publishing Options

Having a wide range of publishing options, whether scheduling in the future, including images from a library, or generating hashtags is essential while allowing for feedback both internally and externally. Fanpage Karma does all this and more for publishing that includes advanced monitoring features and scheduling, and engagement across channels.

A view of the Fanpage Karma social media post calendar within the tool

Strong Reporting Capabilities

You may be wondering how to manage multiple social media accounts for business knowing that you have to report on the progress that provides more than just a few numbers. Fanpage Karma has a number of different report templates and different options to present those reports to stakeholders. It also offers an unlimited number of dashboards so different projects can be monitoring simultaneously. This enhances the tracking of all sorts of different metrics while empowering data-driven decision-making.

A view of the Fanpage Karma dashboard shared with other users

✅ Feedback and Approval Options 

Feedback on earlier post drafts and approval processes are essential to social media operations these days. Similar to reporting, getting feedback on posts and community engagement can involve colleagues that may not be using your social media tool. This is why Fanpage Karma has developed a feature that allows for these feedback loops so social media managers can draw on the expertise of their colleagues.


Buffer may be the best app for managing multiple social media accounts if you are looking for something free, as long as you only have 3 social channels you need to track. Buffer gives you what you need in terms of publishing, even though the free version limits the overall number of posts you can publish. However, even this deal will come with many restrictions, especially when it comes to analysis and benchmarking.

An example of Buffer’s home dashboard page


If you are considering an app to manage multiple social media accounts, then you probably have heard of Hootsuite. It is an effective tool for managing multiple accounts since it gives you basically every type of feature you would want in doing so. However, what should give you pause relates to the limitations to the number of profiles you can track and competitors you can benchmark. Additionally, most of those who need to manage multiple accounts may have to opt for their higher priced plans, which can be uncomfortably expensive.


When searching for software to manage multiple social media accounts, some social media managers may want to incorporate more social listening. Sprinklr excels in social listening as well as other analytic features. However, it also a pricey tool that prevents many from using this option. It also limits the overall number of profiles you can track based on the plan that you choose. 

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