Why Unlimited Profile Tracking Is a Game Changer for Social Media

Why Unlimited Profile Tracking Is a Game Changer for Social Media

When searching for a social media tool, you may initially be looking for one that allows you to track various metrics, compare your own profile against others, and gain insights into what type of content drives results. There are many articles out there, several of which say more or less the same thing, about the same basic features you should look for in an analytics tool. 

However, there is one key feature that nobody talks about when it comes to social media analytics, and this may be the most consequential feature of all: unlimited social media profile tracking.

But why is this so essential for effective social media data analysis? It is because being able to add dozens or even hundreds of profiles for analysis opens up a whole new world of analytic possibilities. In fact, unlimited profile tracking enables:

  1. Deeper Analytical Insights
  2. Better Benchmarking Capabilities
  3. Discovery of New Approaches and Best Practices

In this article, we will explain why, for many, unlimited profile tracking is one of the most decisive features when it comes to growing their social media presence.   

Why Unlimited Profile Tracking is a Must for Social Media Analytics

Social media data analysis is essential in today’s marketing landscape since it provides statistical backing that allows you to justify your overall social media strategy. Along these lines, your social media analytics tool can help you in gaining unparalleled insights that go far beyond the native analytical insights provided in your social media account. This can include cross-channel insights letting you compare profiles across different social media networks, benchmarking your profiles against different competitors, or studying the correlation between two or more metrics for dozens of profiles.  

Being able to track unlimited social media profiles may be the most overlooked, but important, features you can have in a social media analytics tool. This is because, to a large extent, the benefits of social media analytics are tied to how much relevant data you can collect and analyze. Having a large and meaningful data set plays a major role when analyzing topics such as what the best time to post is or what hashtags may help bring higher engagement rates to your posts.

In reality, there are many social media analytics benefits that come with unlimited profile tracking. Below, we detail all the ways in which your social media analytic insights can benefit.

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Deeper Analytical Insights: Enabling Advanced Social Media Analytics

Social media managers are well aware of the importance of social media analytics, so the question you should ask yourself when it comes to social media analytics is why you would limit your data set when you have the option of tracking unlimited profiles? 

When you are restricted to only a small number of profiles for tracking, then you may not have a statistically significant data set to work with and draw the wrong conclusions. When you collect more relevant data, on the other hand, then your larger data set will make it less likely that you will have outliers affect your insights and conclusions. For this reason, unlimited profile tracking greatly enables advanced social media analytics by making meaningful data sets possible. 

Better Benchmarking Capabilities: Taking Competitor Analysis to the Next Level

If you are looking for the best tools for competitor analysis in social media, you should look for those that allow you to see how your profiles are performing against a wide variety of competitors and others in your industry. It is important to note is that companies may want to track various competitors across many different channels. For this reason, we shouldn’t think of benchmarking as something we should do only on one platform. 

Rather, you can use it to benchmark your profile’s social media performance against your competitors’ on all the major social media platforms. But this will only be possible if your analytics tool offers you the option to track dozens of profiles.

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Discover New Ideas: Learning from What Works

All social media managers are looking for inspiration for their next campaign. The search for inspiration often starts with looking at what other brands have been doing. However, how do you identify the campaigns of your competitors that actually worked? And how do you quickly sort the campaigns that are not working? Lastly, are there ways to find topics, words, and hashtags that drive the highest engagement to a post?

Unlimited profile tracking can provide you with a large enough data set that you can confidently say which profiles or types of content (i.e. carousels, stories, reels, videos, pictures, etc.) are producing results. In fact, there could be some profiles or post types that you think are performing well, but after analyzing their metrics, you see that this is not the case. There could be others that you think the approach doesn’t work, but according to the data, it does. The main takeaway here is that you should let the data be your guide as part of the creative process. 

Bonus: You May Just Avoid Extra Costs!

When purchasing a subscription for an all-in-one social media tool, you may think that you are getting everything you need. However, the reality is that many of the so-called “all-in-one social media tools” restrict the number of profiles they allow their users to track. They may even make you pay extra if you happen to track more profiles than what your plan says.

Conversely, when purchasing a tool that offers unlimited profile tracking, you don’t have to worry about all of this. In fact, choosing a social media tool that gives you unlimited profile tracking can end up being the cheaper option, as you can be sure you will not have to pay extra just because you need to analyze more competitors in the future.

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Who Needs Unlimited Profile Tracking

Being able to track unlimited profiles is not for everyone. For instance, if you just have a small business and only want to monitor your own profile and a few competitors, then you probably don’t need to analyze dozens or hundreds of profiles. 

However, there are many businesses that should consider a tool that allows for this unlimited profiling tracking. The following businesses may benefit from tracking unlimited profiles.

1. Businesses with many Competitors or Relevant Profiles to Track

There are businesses of various sizes that have many competitors or social media profiles that they want to keep track of or analyze. Tracking all these profiles does not only provide important data for determining how your own brand is performing compared to your competitors, but also allows you to gain unique insights about what time is best to post in your industry, among other things. 

If there are a lot of social media accounts that are relevant for your business or industry, being able to analyze a large data set will allow you to make more accurate, data-backed decisions when it comes to your own social media strategy.

2. Social Media Agencies

As a social media agency, you need to monitor hundreds, if not thousands, of social media profiles for your clients. Being able to track an unlimited number of profiles with your social media tool can not only enable you to serve dozens of clients with a single tool, but also can save your agency real money since you don’t have to pay more to track more profiles than the allowed by your plan. 

3. Franchises or Businesses with many Branches

Whether it is a real estate agency, bank, or restaurant chain, there are various franchises or businesses who have branches throughout a region or country that have unique social media management needs. For instance, a business may have a national social media account as well as several local accounts for each branch. Because of this, you may need to track dozens of profiles of your own as well as those of your competitors on the national, regional, and local levels.

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A tool offering unlimited profile tracking is perfect for these types of businesses since you can create different dashboards with profiles you need to track and analyze on the national, regional, and local levels. This not only helps you organize different affiliates or branches to focus on social media performance, but you also gain powerful analytical insights into your national, regional, and local audiences.

Unlimited Profile Tracking = Better Social Media Analytics

For anyone who truly wants advanced social media analytic insights and all the advantages that come with them, unlimited profile tracking is essential. But where can you get unlimited profile tracking nowadays? And where can you get other important features for social media management such as community management, publishing, and research capabilities

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