Influencer Management Tools – Measuring Performance

Influencer marketing is an increasingly important method for businesses to advertise their products or services. There are a number of different approaches that can be taken in creating campaigns with well-known influencers to this end. However, this article will not focus on why you should do influencer marketing or how to do it. Rather, we will focus on a very important topic that is often overlooked topic related to influencer management: performance analysis. 

In reality, social media influencer management for Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or any other social media platform involves not only creating a strategy, but assessing and altering this strategy based on your research and the data you collect. 

With any influencer campaign, it is essential to use continually measure and analyze your performance. Many social influencer managers use social media tools that help them gain these insights. However, there are a number of influencer management platforms that claim to provide everything you need. What should you be looking for? We will go through all the important details below.

Influencer Marketing: Key Aspects of Performance Management

At the end of the day, you want to know how the influencers your company is working with are performing. If you are working as an influencer marketing manager, your social media tool should be able to help you gain key insights that will help both you and the influencers you work with to make your campaigns a success. 

When you are searching for the right influencer management platform, make sure to keep in mind that individual influencers usually focus on only one channel to grow their following. However, as a business, you may be using different influencers who have different channels. For this reason, it is absolutely essential that your tool can help you analyze a wide-range of metrics on several different social media channels.

One of the essential tasks of effective influencer marketing management is performance management. Therefore, we have delved into a few areas that relate to performance and how an influencer management tool can help you create successful campaigns.

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1. Monitoring Performance Metrics

The first thing many think of when it comes to influencer management is looking at how your campaigns are performing. For this reason, your influencer management platform should provide you with all the necessary performance metrics as well as functions that allow for monitoring several different campaigns on several social media channels. On top of this, you should be able to analyze and present your performance data in different charts, tables, and graphs.

2. Benchmarking Analysis

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An influencer marketing management platform ideally allows you to benchmark the performance of the influencers you hire against other profiles. This can then help you understand how your campaigns are performing and what goals you should aspire to. However, for this to work well, it is often helps to have the ability to track unlimited profiles with your social media tool. Many tools restrict the number of profiles you can track, but others allow for unlimited profile tracking

3. Posting Times

Can you help your influencer but telling them what times are best for them to post? With the right social media tool you can!. With the data you collect from your various influencer campaigns and the interactions that accompany their posts, you can begin to analyze when it is the best time for them to post. 

For this reason, your influencer marketing management software should give you the ability to analyze both your own influencers’ data, and that of other profiles of your competitors. Once you have compiled this data, you can use your social media tool to find out what times correspond to the highest post interaction rates. Keep in mind that you will have to go through some steps with finding the time for your influencer to post. 

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4. Hashtag Research

Social media influencers often use hashtags in order to help extend their reach. As a social media influencer manager, you can help your influencers find what hashtags are the most effective. In this sense, an important task of good social influencer management is to conduct hashtag research and analysis to discover which hashtags the influencers you are working with should use. 

Now that we have gone over some of the areas where social influencer managers can help their influencers, there are a few other topics to discuss. Unsurprisingly, there are important implications for both campaign management and relationship management, which we will address now.

Influencer Campaign Management

How do the points above relate to campaign management? In reality, there is a close relationship between performance management and campaign management, since measuring and analyzing your performance can help you set the right goals and gain important insights into what is working and what is not.  

The collection and analysis of your past and current campaign data is essential to manage influencer campaigns. For this reason, your influencer campaign management software needs to give you the option to track a variety of metrics related to accounts on different social media channels. It can also be helpful if you can organize all your campaigns in different dashboards, so you can more clearly monitor and analyze your data. 

Relationship Management

Influencer talent management is, of course, important when discussing any influencer marketing strategy. However, what is absolutely essential when it comes to influencer relationship management is clear communication and constructive feedback. This is why an influencer relationship management platform should come with functions that enable the sharing of data and other organizational features.   

When looking for influencer relationship management software, the first thing you should look for is not only a feature for exporting reports, but also one that allows for direct access to your reports even if the influencer does not have a subscription to the tool. For instance, some social media tools allow you to grant access to reports by simply sharing a link. Having a feature such as this can help you better share and illustrate the data you are collecting from an influencer campaign.

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Finding the Right Influencers

Sometimes finding influencers can be a bit difficult. However, finding the right influencer who will bring value to your company can be even more of a challenge. Your influencer marketing management tool should not only give you the ability to find new influencers on different social media channels with just a few clicks at a minimum. However, you would ideally have a number of filtering and search options, which would help accelerate the entire process.      

However, just finding influencers who seem to match what you are looking for is not enough. Your influencer management software should give you options for studying the various metrics and historical data of influencers you may be interested in working with. Having access to these insights can help ensure that you have found the influencer who can help you meet your goals. 

Influencer Management Tools

As detailed in this article, there are many tasks that influencer marketing management platform must perform. Most likely, you are looking not only for a social media tool that can handle all the tasks above, but also one that has the functions and features you need to help you with your entire social media activities. This can include benchmarking, publishing posts, community management, and research.

Fanpage Karma is an all-in-one social media management tool that not only provides the powerful influencer management features mentioned above, but so much more as well. You can start your free 14-day trial today!

If you are interested in finding out how social media tools can help you take your social media activities to the next level, feel free to sign up for Fanpage Karma’s free webinar

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