Discover the Next Generation of Publish: An In-Depth Look at Upcoming Features!

We’ve listened to your feedback and are pleased to share with you the latest update for our tool. We’ll be rolling out the changes gradually over the next few weeks. Let’s go through what we have in the pipeline:

Faster and Improved Post Creation

The New “Idea” Status

With the upcoming changes, whenever you want to start a new post, your journey will begin with the “Idea” status. Here you can:

Easily Gather Post Ideas

Without having to worry about selecting profiles or adding a caption and images for each network separately. One image or a small text is enough, and everything else is optional.

Idea State

Get Feedback

Share and evaluate ideas directly with your customers, managers, or colleagues – no more Excel spreadsheets and endless email chains.

Turn Your Ideas Into Post-Drafts With a Single Click

Captions and images are automatically applied to all networks. As before, you can continue to make individual adjustments to each network if needed.

Flexible Timing for Your Posts

You can decide, on an individual basis, if you want to post to all networks at the same time, or set individual times for each network to best reach your target audience.

Communicate Flawlessly With Clients & Colleagues

Spelling mistakes in the Publish comment section are a thing of the past. With the new update, you can easily edit and even delete your comments.

Advanced Post Organization With Campaigns & Labels


You’ll soon be able to group posts by campaign. This will give you a better overview of related posts and allow you to plan more efficiently.

The new Campaign Overview page brings together all the related posts for a campaign and includes the ability to comment on the campaign. Additionally, a timeline will be displayed which gives you a better overview of what is planned.


With the upcoming labels, you will be able to sort posts by topic, category, etc., and even analyze them later.

Never Miss a Thing

Task Creation

The new Tasks feature in Publish helps you keep track of important to-dos. It will automatically create tasks for important things such as approvals or incorrect image sizes. You can also create tasks yourself, as a reminder of things you need to do, or to delegate tasks to others.

The New Publish Start Page

Everything you need at a glance. All your drafts, open tasks, related comments and events, plus a handy calendar overview.

Notifications 2.0

Reduce information overload. Receive only the notifications that are relevant to you and customize the notification settings to suit your needs.

Offering Free, Guest Access to Publish for Customers & Managers

Get your clients, colleagues, or managers directly involved in the process with our new free guest access. This includes the ability to

  • Log in
  • View posts and content calendars 
  • Approve and comment on posts 
  • Receive & create tasks
  • Receive notifications

All Your Post Essentials in One Place With Our New Enhanced Post List

  • More information at a glance:
    • Improved post preview
    • Latest comment
    • Latest task
  • Quick and easy request approval for multiple posts, thanks to bulk selection
  • Find what you’re looking for with our quick filter options
  • Switch between list or card view; choose what better suits your needs

Mobile Optimization

Yes, you heard it right! Publish has been optimized for mobile devices. In the new version, you can view, edit, and comment on posts, as well as create, delegate, and check off tasks, all from the comfort of your phone.

All of these improvements are designed to make your social media workflow smoother and more efficient. Your feedback is what drives us, so feel free to share your thoughts on these innovations. Together, we can continue to revolutionize the social media space!
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We’ve listened to your feedback and are pleased to share with you the latest update…
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