Agreement for Fanpage Karma Reward Program

Fanpage Karma is a product of uphill GmbH, Oranienstr. 188, 10999 Berlin, Germany.

This agreement determines the conditions for participating in the Fanpage Karma Reward Program. It complements the general Terms and Conditions of Fanpage Karma (

Fanpage Karma rewards partners for referring new customers. Any person, a natural person or a legal person can be a referral partner.

The partner gets a commission for each new paying customer he provides. The commission is worth 15% of the net sales, generated by the new customer account during the period of one year, starting with the first purchase and account creation. Reward payments will be processed at the end of each quarter of the year.

Each customer can only be recommended by one partner. If a customer uses different referral-links or -codes, the first link or code used by the customer will determine the partner.

Participants of the Reward Program cannot recommend themselves or the company they work for.


Partner A signs up for the Fanpage Karma Reward Program and recommends Fanpage Karma to company B. Company B orders 5 licenses worth EUR 249.50 per month. Partner A gets EUR 37.43 per month, paid on a quarterly basis.

All additional paid licenses ordered by the customer during the first year add up to the commission.


After signing-up for the Reward Program and the approval by Fanpage Karma, the new partner has access to the Reward Program Management console:

He needs to fill in his full contact details and bank account details. Without this data the quarterly payment cannot be executed.

Recommending new customers
  1. The distribution partner logs-in to the Reward Program Management Console (
  2. Fanpage Karma provides a special promotion link which the distribution partner can share via email or direct message etc.
  3. This link contains a unique identifier which connects any future purchase of a new Fanpage Karma customer with the partner account. Cookies must be allowed in the user's browser.
  4. The promotion link is an easy way to invite new customers. In case cookies are disabled or deleted prior to the purchase, it is not possible to connect the new account with the partner account automatically.
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