How to Increase Twitter Followers

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Twitter presents itself as being the place to be for getting your ideas or opinions out into the public quickly. From politicians and athletes to influencers and movie stars, Twitter is a popular social media platform where people post about the latest news and events. Of course, nearly everyone dreams of their Tweet going viral and their profile taking off as a result. However, more realistically, your content gets seen more often as a result of growing your Twitter following and consistently creating engaging content. So the main question is how do you get more followers on Twitter, especially if you are starting out from a relatively small number of followers?

Increasing your Twitter followers isn’t rocket science, but does take a little know how about the best ways to do it. What you really need is a list of best practices that both seasoned Twitter users or beginners can use to increase their number of followers. For this reason, we will highlight our 14 tips that can help increase your Twitter followers without needing to resort to buying your followers. 

How to Increase Followers on Twitter

The good news is that getting more Twitter followers is doable. However, increasing your Twitter followers can be a challenge at times and takes some effort on your part. The first thing you need to have is a commitment to putting in the work to gain more Twitter followers. The second thing you need to have is a plan. With that being said, here are 14 ways to get more followers on Twitter that we will cover in detail below:

  1. Make Sure your Content is Easy to Consume (lists, infographics)
  2. Create Content that Induces Interaction (Polls, Contests, Etc)
  3. Use CTAs
  4. Concentrate on a Specific Field, Topic, or Niche
  5. Learn what Hashtags to Use
  6. Stay Current and Tweet in the Moment
  7. Make sure you are Tweeting Regularly
  8. Find the Best Time to Post for your Tweets
  9. Consistently Interact with your Community
  10. Benchmark and Analyze your Competitors
  11. Research Trending Topics in your Niche or Industry
  12. Pin your best Content
  13. Link to your Twitter Page
  14. Finding Influencers to Help You
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1. Make Sure your Content is Easy to Consume

Twitter limits the characters of your post to 280. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t make an interesting point or provide your audience with valuable information. Twitter, by its nature, would be more aligned with content that catches the eye and is fairly easy to understand and consume relatively quickly. Therefore, if you want to increase followers on Twitter, there are various content types that you should consider trying out to get your point across quickly and clearly.

So, when considering your options as to how to increase your twitter followers, the first thing you can consider is making lists or rankings for your tweets. Listicles and rankings are a great to way to clearly express a point. Another effective content type to consider is an infographic, since using this image does not count against your character count. Infographics can be a real eye-catcher, especially when you use colors that attract attention with data or charts that present interesting findings. 

Our point here is that Tweets are meant to be viewed quickly, so make sure your content is geared toward getting your point across clearly and efficiently.

2. Create Content that Induces Interaction

In addition to content that is easy to consume, you should also consider creating content that induces people to interact with it. When thinking about how do you get more followers on Twitter, you could consider running polls and other contests. These are great ways to increase your twitter followers in the long-run since people often like to participate, and they can be a great way to build a community. 

However, make sure to make a poll or contest more than a one-off thing. If people know that you are running interesting polls about trending topics, have giveaways, or even creating caption contests, these entice people to follow you since they don’t want to miss out on future ones.

3. Use CTAs

Increasing the number of your Twitter followers can sometimes be simple and so we will keep this one short since it’s fairly straightforward but sometimes is forgotten. In order get more followers, you tell them to follow you. Use CTAs that encourage people to who view your content to stay around and follow you. Moreover, be sure to tell them how. Ideally, you should be able to concisely tell them why they should follow you, either so that they don’t miss out on anything or because you have some special in store for later.

4. Concentrate on a Specific Field, Topic, or Niche

When thinking about how to get more twitter followers, you should ask yourself who you are producing content for? In other words, what audience do you want to attract? People follow generally follow a specific Twitter profile because they like the type of content produced by that profile. This may have to do with the fact that they are interested in a particular topic such as sports, travel, food, culture, etc., and what hear what a specific profile has to say about one of these topics that interests them. 

There are some exceptions, but typically it helps to focus on certain topics, since people generally follow profiles which post about their interests. There are many strategic questions to consider in these cases. For instance, perhaps sports is your passion, but there are, of course, many different sports. You could choose a few different sports to Tweet about, or you could focus solely on a sport such as basketball. 

On Twitter, follower increases can be a result of understanding your focus area and Tweeting about topics that correspond to high engagement rates and reach. When trying to define your focus, you should always research your audience and the performance based on your past Tweets. In other words, study what has worked in the past and what type of topics that get a lot of reactions. Benchmarking and analysis tools can be a big help in studying what content especially resonates with your target audience.

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5. Learn what Hashtags to Use

Hashtags can be a great way to show that your Tweet is contributing to conversations about certain topics. This can be important when you are looking to attract followers to your profile when you are posting about a specific theme or topic.

So, if you are asking yourself how to increase your twitter followers, you should start with determining what hashtags you should use in your Tweets. There are data-driven approaches you can take to find what hashtags you should use. We have already written an article about how to do hashtag research for Twitter, so you can read more there. The point here is that a relatively straight-forward Twitter hack to increase followers is to use the right hashtags.

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6. Make sure you are Tweeting Regularly

If you want to increase your Twitter followers, you should make sure that you are Tweeting regularly. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they are not putting thought into your Tweets. However, keep in mind that people who choose to follow certain Twitter profiles often do so because they know that they will be continuing to get content that they want. For this reason, it is important to show your followers that you will be regularly providing the content that they want.

7. Stay Current and Tweet in the Moment

If you want to get more followers on Twitter, you need to stay current. In other words, a simple way to under how to increase your followers on Twitter to keep up to date and post on trending topics that you care about. Many users are on Twitter in order to get the latest on news and events that interest them. Most of the time, Tweets don’t last long, and Twitter isn’t necessarily designed for evergreen content. So, make sure you are engaging with trending and current topics and getting your thoughts out there.

8. Find the Best Time to Post for your Tweets

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It is important to understand the twitter algorithm to help get you more followers. As we already pointed out, staying active on Twitter is a great way to get more followers. However, getting high engagement rates on your posts is important for the Twitter algorithm and, thus, for more people to see your content. The more people who see your Tweets, the better chance you have of getting noticed and increasing your follower count. 

Not everyone may know this, but posting times are important in this regard. You should be posting when your audience is online and ready to interact with your content. For this reason, you should consider using a social media tool that helps you discover what times are best to post.

9. Consistently Interact with your Community

If you are looking for ways to get more followers on Twitter, you need to make sure that you are interacting with your community. This is because it is important to show your current followers that they are important to you, as well as to show others who may not be following you that care about your followers.   

As your following grows, it can be a challenge to keep up with all incoming comments, etc. Keep in mind that a community management tool can be a great assess for managing your Twitter community or other social media networks you are active on.

10. Benchmark and Analyze your Competitors

Have you ever looked at another Twitter profile and wondered how it has so many followers? There can be many factors for why this is the case. However, in terms of trying to grow your own profile, it may be useful to analyze other successful profiles. Don’t be afraid to use social media tools that can help you better analyze and understand other accounts, especially when it comes to content optimization analysis. In this way, you can better analyze what may be helping other profiles grow. 

Moreover, when trying to figure out how to get more twitter followers, it is always helpful to have some concrete goals in mind. But what should those goals be? Benchmarking your performance against other similar profiles is helpful not only for seeing how you are keeping up, but also for setting goals.

11. Research Trending Topics in your Niche or Industry

You might be asking, how can I increase my Twitter followers through researching trending topics? Similar to studying your competitors, if you want to get more followers on Twitter, you need to make sure you always know what topics are trending in your industry or area of interest. 

There are tools you can use for researching social media trends as well as finding profiles that you should be tracking. Using these tools can help you stay on top of what may be trending at a given time and how you should alter your content accordingly.

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12. Pin your Best Content

If you are looking for how to get more Twitter followers, you shouldn’t be afraid to show off. Have you already made a legendary post that defines your profile? Did one of your posts go viral? Pinning your best post on your Twitter profile can be a great way to showcase your best and convince someone that your profile is worth following. The result can be an increase in your Twitter followers.

13. Link to your Twitter Page

If you are looking for a one of the simpler ways to get more followers on Twitter, this one is for you. Many businesses or bloggers have a website and/or newsletter, and you should consider linking to your Twitter profile from there. If people like your content, your products/services, or brand on other platforms or media, then they may be interested in following you on Twitter as well. On Twitter, increasing your followers can be as easy as using your existing digital channels and letting people know that you have a Twitter profile they should consider following.

14. Finding Influencers to Help You

Finding influencers to work with you can be one of the most effective ways business owners can get more twitter followers. Influencers are used by various businesses or individuals to help their product, service, brand, or profile seen by more people by leveraging their own large followings. 

While influencers cost money to use, it could be a good investment if you think increasing your Twitter followers will help you meet your business goals. This is especially true if you want to quickly increase your Twitter followers. Be sure to follow best practices for finding influencers if you consider using this approach.

How to Get More Followers on Twitter

There you go, 14 tips to help you get more followers on Twitter. Now that you have an idea about how to increase your followers on Twitter, you need to actually implement one or all of these tips above and continually monitor your progress as you go. 

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