What is Social Media Monitoring?

How to do Monitoring with Fanpage Karma

  1. Decide which brands you want to monitor. 

    The selection of terms to monitor in social media is crucial to ensure that the monitoring process is effective and relevant.

  1. Request the words:

    Go to the Monitoring section in your account settings and add the brands you aim to monitor. The number of words will be limited by the plan you choose. 

Social Media Monitoring with Fanpage Karma

The word will be requested and must be approved by the Fanpage Karma support team. 

Social Media Monitoring setup

  1. Add the words to the dashboard:

    Go back to the Analytics area and create or open a dashboard where you want to visualize the monitoring of the brands. Then click on the bottom left button “+ Profile” and select the Monitoring profile you just added. 

Social Media Monitoring with Fanpage Karma Profile setting up
  1. Add Monitoring Report. 

    Click on the + at the bottom of the list of report tabs and add the Monitoring template.

Addiing Social Media Monitoring-Report

Fanpage Karma will start monitoring the brands you have added and you will be able to see the results in the coming days.

Social Media Monitoring with Fanpage Karma

What will you see in the monitoring report?

In the monitoring report, you will see a series of graphs showing the tracking of the brands you are monitoring: 

Social Media Monitoring - Number of Posts

This graph shows the number of posts that have named the brand we are monitoring in the selected period.        

Total number of posts

Then we have two unique indicators that show me the total number of posts and the sum of the reach of these posts. 

The overall sentiment of the posts

The next graph shows the overall sentiment of the posts. This is obtained through an analysis of the overall comments on the posts.  

World map of the Posts

Then we have the world map of the posts, which shows where in the world the posts that talked about the brand we are monitoring were made.

Social Media Monitoring summary of metrics

Then we have a graph with a summary of metrics. Where we can add the metrics we want to see reflected. As predefined metrics, we have the number of publications and the sum of the reach of the publications. But you can add more.

Top 50 words graph

The Top 50 Words graph shows the most used words in the publications that name the brand we are following. In addition to this, we can know which words generated more reactions depending on the color. The more green the word is, the more reactions it generated, and the more red it is, the less reactions it generated.

25 publications with the highest number of reactions

The following graph shows the 25 publications with the highest number of reactions, comments or shares where the brand we are following was mentioned. The number of posts can be adjusted up to 5000. 

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