Insights for Everyone

the TeamBoard

one centralized dashboard for all social media channels
open access for all your colleagues and clients ‐ free of charge and without sign-up
key figures and insights available at any time

One Page for everything – Your TeamBoard

All hands on deck
Create your own Social Media Center. Invite as many colleagues and clients as you like. So everyone is up to date.
All networks
Watch and analyse all your profiles and your competitors. On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.
Meaningful charts
Put together a set of charts that help you and your team to get the whole picture at just one glance
Top Posts
See which posts really work for fans and adopt your strategy accordingly
Corporate Design
Customize the design and impress clients, colleagues and boss with analysis in your corporate design
Use the time selection to create reports and to learn from the past
The right KPIs
Choose from more than 150 metrics the right ones for your project to measure your success
Export all data and charts to PDF or PowerPoint with just one click
Password protection
Protect your data with a password. Only people you trust will be able to access your TeamBoard
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It's that easy

Any number of users
Everyone stays on track
You send a link to everyone involved and they can start rigth away
There is no 'log in' or 'sign up' necessary for participants
The number of participants is not limited. No need to leave out the intern
At a glance – protected
The whole picture with one click
All important metrics and charts on one single page
Presentable as PDF or Powerpoint Exports with one click
With a password you ensure that only those who should have access
Your Board, your Layout
A tool according to your needs
You decide, which profiles to analyse. No matter if they are yours or competitors
You choose the right metrics and select the best charts for your team
You adjust colors and logos to fit your project
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Available Networks

One monthly price – unlimited users and analysis

Monthly** just
prices in
, plus 19% VAT
  • 5 Social-Media-Profiles* inlcuded
  • each additional 5 profiles* just 24.90 EUR
  • Unlimited users
  • Customizable metrics overview
  • Customizable charts
  • Password protection
  • PDF and PowerPoint export
  • Archive and free time selection
  • Customizable Design
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* A profile is a brand or person account in one social network. E.g. if you like to analyze Nike on Facebook and Twitter, it counts as two profiles. You can add profiles at any time. Every month you can swap two profiles.
** The period of validity of a TeamBoard is one month. It will be extended automatically. Each time by another month. The TeamBoard can be canceled until one day before the end of the period of validity. Canceling can be done with one click. A canceled TeamBoard stays available until the end of the last period of validity. It can be reactivated anytime.

Examples – this is how your TeamBoard could look like