They're talking about you...

Markets are Conversations

People are talking about you, your brand and your industry
all around the social web. Fanpage Karma Social Monitoring
shows you, what they are talking about.

Find new customers

You know when people are talking about your brand
or your product – jump right in and impress them.

Discover trends

You know which topics are related to your brand
and can identify influencers with ease.

Be safe

You know if people are complaining and can react
immediately. No more bad suprises.

Is it really free?

Yes, our free social monitoring tool (one keyword and
100 mentions) is always available to you. If you
need more, just upgrade to one of our
pro versions, starting at just $14.90.

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Everything at a glance

Monitor Twitter posts and comments
for hashtags, profiles or keywords.

See immediately how your mentions developed over time,
when there was a lot of discussion and join the conversation.

Thanks to our clear streams you easily have your
social media monitoring under control.

Know what′s important

See which posts were popularand which topics
sparked the most reactions in the social web.

Get to know influential users,
who are talking about you or your product
and turn them into brand advocates.

Our detailed analysis provides you with
unique insights about users, topics and sentiment.

Emails + Reports

Always stay on top of your mentions, even when
you′re not in front of your computer:
handy summaries are being sent directly to your email inbox.

Save time and download all your
social monitoring data with just one click.

Never waste another minute at your
desk with our email and Excel reports.